CC is a collective network that portrays people of diverse creative backgrounds. The foundation of COMMON CONNECTION is our online platform. CC explores new and established channels of cross mapping. With CC we create and produce content with a broad range of themes and topics in order to make CC enduring, relevant and ever evolving.

The CC team consists of a group of friends and acquaintances. Our strengths lie in our awareness of contemporary culture, with diversity of professional individuals.

We offer skills from a common connection and expertise drawn from a diversity of backgrounds in the fields of design, arts and production. By creating we are never alone in the process. With the CC network we are able to create overall concepts from architecture, personal branding, website development, to scenery and art direction.

We provide a high quality service and work where we can add value. We invest in the right people, appreciating that a team’s strength is dependant on the combination of individuals within it. We welcome those who share our values and possess the traits we believe are necessary to extend CC

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How did COMMON CONNECTION come into being?

Eva Raffaella Menga has an architectural design office called ERM, and felt the urge to expose and recognize the people she works with on a one pager. During the time that her architectural design office was evolving, collaborations were formed into project. These project folders were naturally classified into different segments of the creative industry. The CC concept was thereby founded as research in collaboration ethics, workshop productions and project management, where we localise gaps within the connection of common interest.

Within CC also the PPP food design concept was founded. In many  professions food may be seen separated from the business but in the hands of CC it is translated into experience dinners. The kitchen is a place where we come together with our different professions and stories. Through sharing food there is a conversation of taste. Our food is eaten by all, it becomes part of everybody gathered around the common table.

Our relationship to food is a resonance of life where PPPproduction has been planted as a food design concept providing a sharing tool.

‘’simplicity is complexity resolved’’ by Eva Raffaella Menga

common connection